CUBARTISTA World of Possibilities, Greenwich

What We Offer

  • Partnerships with schools organisations to make a difference to the lives of young people the professionalism of staff.
  • Education & poetry workshops for children, young people & adults to develop their  skills & talents.
  • Workshops, conferences, research mentoring & leadership support to helpchange school cultures.
  • Dance coach training & Café Concerts for enjoyment & personal fulfilment.

Poetry & dance help develop the talents of young people & enable adults to see things differently.

Through the performing arts, young people can learn to embrace different languages, cultures & beliefs & see themselves as global citizens. Through understanding more about the lives & experiences of young people, schools & their leaders, can help young people find their place in the world.

Our sessions bring a fresh educational & cultural perspective:

  • Generate a sense of emotional well-being & release the talents & creativity of participants.
  • Strengthen roots & connections & creating a sense of belonging.
  • Encourage communication & collaborative ways of working.
  • Stimulate new ideas & ways of working.
  • Deepen learning & provide fresh insights & experiences.