CUBARTISTA World of Possibilities, Greenwich

Our Workshops

Our education & poetry workshops for children & young peopleare fun, purposeful & creative.


There are the benefits of poetry itself. Poetry helps us think, decide what is important to us, analyse the context & explore meaning.  And there is the enjoyment & fulfilment of learning in new ways. We encourage our young people to:


  • Reach for the stars by discovering & developing their own artistic skills;
  • Enjoy learning from each other;
  • Enjoy the diversity in our schools & in our communities;
  • Develop their emotional intelligence& build their talents;
  • Be more secure in who they are& feel they belong in the school.


Our StaffWorkshopsfocus on The Art of Possibilities: what adults & young people are capable of doing, being &achieving. They’re designed to be enjoyable, challenging & worthwhile & to draw on the knowledge, skills & experiences of participants: what they bring with them as individuals &as professionals.  The workshops:


  • Demonstrate the power of  poetry, music& dance to  help participants  understand themselves, & the lives &experiences of  young people;
  • Strengthen understanding about the importance of place &belonging;
  • Identify some of the steps that staff can take to make schools&communities places where all children, young people & adults feel they belong.



See the first of five videos on place & belonging